A little bird tells me that something is going down on the 12th and 15th of March 2011 in Austin Texas, so keep your eyes and ears peeled.

The Event is marked for 9PM, I’m assuming that is local time as as they are GMT-6, that would make it 3AM in the UK on the 13th, so if you are awake for it, check it out over at the N-Series blog. I may actually be getting home around that time oddly enough so if I’m around I’ll be sure to pass on any update to you all here!

Event Details
Time: 9AM (GMT-6)
12th & 15th March 2011
“The Belmont Stage” in Austin Texas
Agenda: Something BIG!
Host: Rovio (Aka makers of Angry Birds)
Powered by Nokia

Source: Nokia N-Series

Twimgo 2.6 for Nokia

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Twimgo is the latest and greatest free twitter client for Nokia devices including Symbian and Maemo.

I have tested it on the Nokia N8 and the N900 and they work exactly the same. The application is easy to use, has nice transitions without going over the top and the developer is constantly adding new features so who know what updates will come next!

Currently it is not in the Ovi store so you need to download it from the link below and copy it to your device or just go to the link directly on your phone and just do it from there!

Download link: https://projects.forum.nokia.com/twimgo

A quick video of it is below:

Thanks to Andre @ MyNokiaBlog for the heads up.

2010 in review

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The stats helper monkeys at WordPress.com mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

Healthy blog!

The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads Wow.

Crunchy numbers

Featured image

About 3 million people visit the Taj Mahal every year. This blog was viewed about 29,000 times in 2010. If it were the Taj Mahal, it would take about 4 days for that many people to see it.


In 2010, there were 59 new posts, not bad for the first year! There were 377 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 99mb. That’s about 1 pictures per day.

The busiest day of the year was May 25th with 7,370 views. The most popular post that day was Nokia N900 gets 1.2 (aka V10.2010.19-1) OTA update in UK first!!!.


Where did they come from?

The top referring sites in 2010 were mynokiablog.com, talk.maemo.org, tinhte.vn, Google Reader, and facebook.com.

Some visitors came searching, mostly for angry birds, iphone 4 stress test, angry birds golden eggs, e71 vs e72, and nokia e71 vs e72.

Attractions in 2010

These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.


Nokia N900 gets 1.2 (aka V10.2010.19-1) OTA update in UK first!!! May 2010
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fMMS 1.x for Nokia N900 F.A.Q. May 2010


Nokia E72 Review – 3 of 3 – E71 vs E72 September 2010


Nokia N900 Application Manager Catalogues May 2010


Nokia Online “Shop” AAAGGGGHHHHHHH! UPDATE: 25/10/2010 October 2010

We have some great news, only 1 month after Nokia released Ovi suite 3.0 Beta via the Nokia Beta Labs, they have officially released the full version for everyone to enjoy in the form of version

To get the Latest update, either download it manually over at the Ovi website: http://www.comms.ovi.com/m/p/ovi/suite/index_en_uk.html


If you have an older version, just select the Software updates option from the Tools menu.


  • Get started in almost no time: have the installation take place more quickly and simply
  • Create the connection between your phone and computer and sync your content with added reliability
  • Get quick access to both your own content and recommendations of new music, apps, games, and more from the Home view
  • Explore and enjoy the millions of music tracks available on Ovi and download the best picks directly to your computer
  • Save in data transfer costs – download free street maps and voice guidance files for your phone
  • Have the application use language that is closer to normal, every-day speech
  • Enjoy your photos and videos in a splendid full-screen view
  • Export your text messages for storing and viewing on your computer

Hey all,

I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from.

I hope you have a great Holiday season and that Santa brought you all the tech that you ever wanted, or you just treated your self like I did ;).

Hey all,

I have some exciting news, and it’s that 2 games for the N8 are available free in the form of Real Golf 2011 and Galaxy on Fire and by the looks of it they are full versions (but don’t quote me on that!).

To get either of these games, just load up Nokia Ovi suite, and click on update, the 2 games should come up under applications updates so enjoy.

Real Golf 2011

Real Gold is now available on your N8! Experience on the green action with top golfers including an exclusive appearance by Lee Westwood in over 15 hours of realistic gameplay!

This is a nice game, really good game-play and all the options as you would have in a normal game on console like a Wii, PS3, X-Box, etc, so it’s a must for any Nokia N8 owner.

If you want to see me playing really bad (I blame trying to play whilst looking through the camera, aka my N900), checkout the clip below:

Galaxy on Fire

Multiple award winning sci-fi action adventure with spectacular 3D graphics on a terrific story set in a huge galaxy to explore!

What I really like about Galaxy on Fire is that you get yo choose to either use touch screen controls via a on screen control on the bottom left which acts like a joy pad, the only down side is that for some strange reason, there is no multi touch support so you have to release the control to activate the weapons, or do anything else!

If you want to see me playing really bad (I blame trying to play whilst looking through the camera, aka my N900), checkout the clip below:

Ok now I have had my rant at Nokia Shop, I can get back to my normal blogging!

The people over at Nokia Beta Labs have been working hard on the Nokia Software Updater and have released a next version (3.0.156) of the beta with the following updates:

  • Automatic device SW checker
  • Improved download time estimation
  • Improved download reliability
  • Support for widget type application updates (N8)
  • Minor UI changes

Download the latest beta from Nokia Beta Labs (Don’t forget as this is a beta it may have bugs so be careful, you don’t want to mess up your phone!):

The team also wanted to say:

The improvements in both the download time estimation and download reliability have been influenced by the testing that has been done within the beta community.  So, on behalf of the NSU team, thanks for your contribution!

There are still a few quibbles which the Beta Labs team need to work on, including better compatibility for the S60 5th Widgets so hopefully these will be next!

Source: Nokia Beta Labs

I’m sure that by the title you can guess that I’m extremely annoyed with the Nokia Online shop, and I am this way because of the incompetent people and payment system that Nokia have, so grab a coffee or tea and read on!

Ok, let me start at the beginning, about 4 weeks ago, my mother lost her phone, so thought, I’d just pick one up from the Nokia Online shop  rather then get it locally where I would have to unlock the phone and then have a phone which probably has loads of network rubbish on the hardware and/or software and this is where things went wrong very quickly.

I don’t know if you know, but in the past, Nokia had about 4-5 different parts of their site, including things like the forum, the main site, the shop, ovi, etc, and all of these different sections, had different login’s and passwords. Well Nokia recently decided that this is a bit silly and they should have a single sight on throughout the website, which in theory would be great and should have made like easier but I couldn’t be more wrong!

One of the main issues for me, was that I have logins for each of these places, but in every place, I had used different e-mail address’s as I set them each up at different times and the login for each of these sections would mostly be my e-mail which was simple enough but recently Nokia rolled out a single sign-on system which was logging in with a username so when I tried to log into the Nokia Shop with my e-mail, it just would not work.

The only places in Nokia that I had a username was on the forum and the ovi store where I used the same one, but everywhere else I logged in with my e-mail address, and as I’ve got several e-mails, they all are using different ones! Little did I know that this would come and bit me in the ass!

Since Nokia decided to start this single sign in, it makes remembering password earier BUT some of my accounts have just disappeared off the face of the earth and I cannot get them back as I found was the case with my Nokia Online Shop account, which I used to but a good 4-5 very high value phones like the N900 and X6-32GB just to name a couple, and I know I have an e-mail somewhere in the mine field of my inbox, but it was nice to know that I could just login and see the information there (and it came in useful once when I lost my phone and needed to make an insurance claim. But because that account was only being signed in with my e-mail I have now lost access to it, and without any sort of warning from Nokia that this might happen, which just makes it worse.

Ok not to the current part, I wanted to make an order on the Nokia site, and when I got to checkout, I noticed Nokia added an option to post to a different address, which I thought was perfect, I would send it to work as I never know what day’s I’ll be home, etc, but it failed with “card error”, so thought, maybe I entered something wrong, so tried with a couple of other ones, and still the same issue which was very strange and as it was late, I couldn’t call Nokia till the next day.

Now the next day I tried to use my card first thing in the morning to find that my £3.50 transaction was declines, and I know i have money in my account so I called the bank to find my debit and credit card was blocked because of Nokia, got that corrected and called Nokia to discover that Nokia do not allow different addresses, which is ridiculous, and on top of this, apparently, their system is set up so poorly that I have to wait 5 working days before I can try again. OK maybe this is some sort of security features, but common, what are they playing at?

I let 6 working days pass and try again, but it got declined, so I call up and this time they said they don’t know why it don’t works and it is going to be passed onto their “Higher Department” which in my opinion seem to be mythical people as after another 6 working day’s I try and still nothing, and these “Higher department people are still working on it.

On a side note: Nokia’s Customer service over the phone are completely useless at most things so don’t bother unless you have to! and if they say “I will call you back by the end f the day”, don’t expect to receive that call! I have spoken to them about 50-60 times in the past 3 years, of those been told I will be called by them by a set period of time, but even after day’s after they told me they will call, they don’t so I have to call back. Out of all these times I have only ever got 2 calls back and that was only after I’d called about 4 time in an hour because I didn’t hear anything in the first place!

Now about 3 weeks have passed, I am told to wait yet another week, and after the week is up, I am told that I cannot order yet. How incompetent can these people be that after 4 weeks of calls, and promises I still can’t order and all I am told is that they are waiting on the response from the “higher department”.

I am one seriously angry Nokia fan, I want the phone, and it’s like they are punishing me and I don’t know what I have done wrong. If it was anyone else, I’m sure they would have given up after the first try and that is why Nokia’s Market share, and profit’s have gone down, and if you don’t have people like me reviewing, using and practically promoting new products, how do they expect to ever get back up there?

I hope someone from Nokia looks are this and quite literally gives the people in the Online Shop team a good old kick in the rear because I want my N8!

UPDATE: 25/10/2010

Ok now 7 weeks after my first attempt at ordering off the Nokia website, I got a call from the Sales team and was told that I can now finally order! shame I had to get the N8 by giving the money to a mate and getting him to order it! but needed a phone for my mum and that went through just a few min ago (with 18% cashback through Quidco.com – UK only!) so all is good again!!!

Just a couple of days ago, the extras department over at Sony Ericsson announced a brand new device which in a couple of words can only be described as an Android accessory!

What this device essentially is, is a over engineered remote control for your phone, but not in a bad way (I don’t say that often!), I actually think Sony Ericsson have thought this through have have done it right!

With this device you can do a number of things including:

  • Music Track title display and player control – Play, pause, next, previous track and volume adjustment
  • Social Networking Services – Facebook™ and Twitter™ updates
  • Incoming texts
  • RSS feeds
  • Phone number for incoming calls, mute ringer and view list of missed calls.
  • Calendar reminders
  • Find your phone
  • Time and date

Don’t forget, this is just the start as this device has been designed to work with 3rd party apps from the Android Market which support the device, so it doesn’t matter is you don’t have a Sony Ericsson or not, as long as the device has Android 2.0 or above.

The device has 2 hardware buttons for power and select and 4 way navigation via 4 touch sensors around the edges of the screen, just note that the screen its self is not touch sensitive but for a 1.3″ (128×128 pixels) screen, making it touch screen would just add unnecessary cost to the device.

On that note, we have not been told what it will cost just yet, but it is to be expected in Q4 of 2010, so just in time to Christmas hopefully!

Ah, and how can I forget, if you are wondering, where you can put this device, well you get a few options out of the box, either clip it to your clothing, or what I would personally prefer, slot it into the wrist strap so when you are not using it to play arund with your phone, you can just use it as a watch!

What you get:

  • Sony Ericsson LiveView™
  • Clip
  • Wristband
  • MicroUSB charger
  • User guide

Check out the full release video below:

Sources: Sony Ericsson News, Sony Ericsson Blog

Awsome Nokia Promo For The N8!


Earlier today, a couple of promo video’s for the Nokia N8 were released/leaked, and I have to admit they are great like most of Nokia’s adverts, now they just need to sort out their management and they can’t loose!

Anyway, that’s a story for another day, here are the great video’s:

Full promo video:


Cut down version of the promo with subtitles:


source: zomgitscj