To get off the Nokia topics, which is why I started this blog (if you didn’t know I’m a die hard Nokia fan)…

The marketing team at Sony Ericsson have released a couple of video’s to promote their latest device, the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY, which, if you don’t already know, is a cross between a playstation and a phone.

Sony Ericsson are using this device to portray the statement: “Android is ready to play”, as many of you might already know, there is very limited gaming capability with Android, and SE want to bring gaming to Android.

This first video actually came out at the start of February 2011…

(prepared to be a little creeped out!!!)

and this one was just recently released:

source: Sony Ericsson YouTube

Nokia: I #recycling

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In an attempt to promote Nokia’s recycling initiative which has been going on for many many year, they have made a little, video which is quite funny (in my opinion anyway).

If you were looking at who stars in this mini movie, you will find some stars you may have even met!

Stars (In order of appearance):

Special Guest Star:

  • N70 (as N70)

Info from Nokia:

Help raise recycling awareness by tweeting “I #recycling” and follow your favourite classic Nokia phones on twitter.

@Cityman450Nokia –
@5110Nokia –
@2760Nokia –
@3310Nokia –
@8810Nokia –

Enjoy! :)

source: Nokia YouTube

Nokia UK have just uploaded a video unboxing for the New Nokia E7, so check out the video below (Full 1080p HD option available)

Catch an exclusive closer look at the Nokia E7 smartphone with this new unboxing video. Focusing on all of the handset’s innovative features, it is a QWERTY phone, touch screen phone and camera phone all rolled into one. With the keyboard, touch screen and digital camera getting extra special attention, this video brings even the smallest details of the Nokia E7 to life.

Source: Nokia UK YouTube Channel

Nokia conversations just uploaded a couple of video’s about the future of mobile technology from the perspective of Nokia’s EVP, Tero Ojanperä, and Rovio’s CEO Peter Vesterbacka during a SXSW panel.

So for your viewing pleasure check out the video’s below…

Part 1

Part 2

As always, your thoughts and opinions are welcome below.

Source: Nokia Conversations YouTube Channel

The latest creation of the people at Nokia Beta Labs is “Nokia Shoot & Tag” which is a evolution of the Nokia Video Cuts application which was released almost 9 months ago.

With this latest creation your video’s will automatically be split into scenes as you are recording when the application detects that the background has changed, indicating that you have moved to another “scene”. When you have finished recording, you can easily switch from one scene to another which should making skipping to the parts you want to watch or check a lot easier.

I have yet to try the application out myself, but check back later today and I will add what I think of the application.


  • Symbian^3
  • S60 5th

(So the majority of Nokia touch screen phones)


(Don’t forget you need to login to download, and if you are not registered, it just takes a couple of minutes)

Current known issues:

  • Currently 720P video recording is not supported on Nokia N8 due to technical issue.
  • Physical “camera key” is not available inside Shoot&Tag because it is reserved for system camera application.

The official blurb from the Beta Labs team:

Nokia Shoot & Tag is a clever video application developed by Nokia Research Center, Beijing that automatically creates scene chapters in your video while recording. This innovative tagging technology was created to provide a convenient playback experience when viewing videos.

Simply press record and Nokia Shoot & Tag will automatically “tag” key scenes in your video, allowing a more convenient video playback experience. Instead of fast forwarding through your video for that perfect moment, the tags act as chapters that you can click on, which take you directly to your desired spot.

Try it out, and tell us you opinions below and on the Beta Labs page.

Source: Nokia Beta Labs

A couple of day’s ago you might have seen the latest update to the Ovi store (2.06.00042), you might have seen the post by Jay over at MyNokiaBlog, which spoke of it being much faster and also have some UI tweeks, but one of the things I noticed, and wasn’t sure if it was new or had always been there is the option for Operator billing which makes life a lot easier for you if you don’t have access to, or prefer not to use credit/debit cards.

Today I got an e-mail from Nokia which confirmed what I thought was the case, and this is a new feature they have released, in the UK at least, allowing you to pay through your phone bill if you are on any of the following UK networks:

  • O2
  • Vodafone
  • Orange
  • T-Mobile
  • 3 (Three)

A fuller list of updates include:

  • Many more games
  • Many more apps
  • Operator billing (depending on region)
  • Easier to find things thanks to “more relevant search results” and recommendations
    From the above, you can see things which might also be of interest to you, not just exact search results, so you can find more! But the exact results do show up on the top of the list, so you won’t be scrolling through a load of other things to find what you wanted.
  • Smoother and quicker
  • UI tweaks
  • Updated account management options
  • Other bug fixes

Source: E-mail from Nokia

Angry Birds 3D Spectacular

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Well if you were wondering what my previous post was all about, you can now see that it was a 3D (projection mapping) spectacular from Nokia and Rovio (the people behind Angry Birds).

You can see a video of the event below:

Nokia and Rovio have combined forces to bring you this world exclusive Angry Birds 3D spectacular. Live from the Belmont in Austin, Texas, we projected onto a massive 150ft building using 3D projection mapping, so make sure you don’t miss the birds we all love on a huge scale. The mighty eagle has landed!

And if you thought that was it, if you look at the last bit of the video, you’ll Notice that more levels come to the Nokia Ovi Store, could these be just the ones iOS and Android have had before or exclusives?

Sources: ZOMGitsCJ, Nokia’s YouTube Channel

The premier of the Source Code film was today and has been sponsored by Nokia.

The guests went from a pre-premier party, to the premier and then to an after party, and if you wish you were there like I do, you can get a taste of it from the images published by Nokia:

Images source: N-Series Nokia Blog

Nokia N8 Photo Competition


Just a couple of day’s ago, Nokia launched a competition for all Nokia N8 owners to get a photo which they capture on the N8 to be displayed on a grand scale near where you live! So you might just get to be the talk of the town!

Have a look below to what Nokia have currently done with some pictures which have been taken on the N8 and blown up to a huge size and plastered on a wall…

Image source: Welcome to Optimism

To take part, all you have to do is head over to the Nokia UK Facebook page (, click on like and follow the instructions to submit your entry!

You have until midnight on 7th April 2011 (UK time) to get your entry in so get snapping people!

If you are not in the UK, head over to the generic Nokia Facebook page (, select your region and see what regional competitions there is, such as in the US, all you have to do is answer a simple question to be in a chance to win an N8!!!

If you had seen my previous post, something BIG is happening at 9PM in Austin Texas according to a little (Angry) Bird…but now it looks like even more then that, at 10PM, you should get ready to Rock and Roll with “a certain rock legend”.

Like with the Angry birds event I’m assuming this is at 10PM local time (GMT-6) so around 4AM on the 13th in the UK

Stay tuned for more info as it comes.

source: N-Series Blog