Earlier today, Blackberry uploaded a new video which is unrealistic but at the same time just highlights that you can share your BlackBerry Messenger Pin with others using a 2D Barcode (a.k.a QR code).

Make of it what you will and add your comments below.

A short time ago I reported that Mozilla had released Firefox 4 for Maemo and Android but both the download link, Ovi store and Maemo application catalogues did not show the update for the N900.

Finally today, it seems that Firefox 4 for Maemo has finally been released and it looks good.

Some of the key updates:

  • Much greater selection of add-on’s that are available so you can truly make it your own
  • Portrait mode (I’m quite sure the older version only worked in landscape)
  • Improved Sync (you can sync bookmarks, passwords, preferences, history and tabs)

Personally I still find it to be slow but it may just be all the stuff I have running on my device.

See some screenshots below:

OK, first off, for 99.9999999% for users this will mean nothing and quite rightly should do as only advanced developers should even think about doing this as it will void warranty and could cause major issues if you flash the wrong type of firmware. Some of the worst case scenario’s could be:

physical injuries or material damage, for example, due to the phone overheating.

but as I said this is worst case!

Now down to the actual story!

Sony Ericsson just announced that owners of new generation of 2011 Xperia™ smartphones (so sorry it will not be available for older devices, although they have not dismissed the possibility that it may come later) and will be available this spring. The current list of devices are as follows:

  • Xperia™ arc
  • Xperia™ neo
  • Xperia™ pro
  • Xperia™ PLAY

There is a catch though, not all variants of 2011 Xperia™ smartphones will be able to have the boot loader unlocked, only “sim free” devices, so if you get the phone from your cell phone provider and/or the phone has a SIM lock, you will not be able to do it on there.

A simple way to check if your device can have the boot loader unlocked, all you have to do is try connecting it to Fastboot, if you can connect to it, then your boot loader is unlockable.

Once the service goes live, you will be able to simply enter your IMEI into a website and get the key, which in turn will allow Fastboot to run the procedure to unlock the boot loader.

source: Sony Ericsson Blog

Nokia Beta Labs has brought us many applications, and allowed us users to give our honest opinion about the applications but one thing which hadn’t changed much at all for quite a while was the site it’s self, although if I remember right it did get updated in the past year!

With this latest update, you get a fresh new blue theme, as well as some welcome changes such as, no more “Access denied” page when you try to download but have forgotten to login, now you are presented with a kind and welcoming request to login or register.

Once you have logged in, you are greeted with anything you have download, aka your “trials” on the left, where you can see some basic info and rate the app, and on the right, other things which are compatible with your device(s), if you have added it to our profile. You are presented with 3 easy access option with the suggestion, to either “Learn more”, “Try now” or if you are not interested in it, just click the “No thanks” link and it will show something else, if available.

As well as all this, if you have posted and you get a reply, you will be able to see it from the blue bar at the top so you don’t miss any!

Like with the apps, Nokia Beta Labs wants your feedback, is there something they missed or if you just wanted to say “nice job”, just head over to betalabs.nokia.com and check it out!

source: Nokia Beta Labs Blog

Just after finding out that o2UK have scrapped tethering charges, I now discover they have also given existing o2 customers, the chance to take out a 12 month contract when they are due for an upgrade, with a phone!

I have to assume that the cost of the phone will be higher (or only cheaper phones will come free) as the monthly cost seems to be the same as the 18 Month contracts but who knows, maybe they will keep it the same price!

For more info, head over to: o2 tariffs, o2 blog

O2 in the UK have done it again and shocks us all with a first in the UK by scrapping the charge for tethering, aka using your phone to access internet on your laptop/PC.

Up until now, you had to pay a monthly charge on top of your line-rental if you were an iPhone user and officially I don’t think there was any option for non-iPhone customer’s, they just were not allowed to. I actually remember stories of people who had used it a lot and got warnings that they would get cut off!

One of the reason’s I am assuming they are doing this is because these day’s all tariff’s now come with the set limit to how much data you are allowed to download, so, if you go over it you will pay per MB unless you have agreed to pay for an additional “bolt-on” with more data allowance.

For more info, head over to: o2 tariffs, o2 blog

I just heard the news, and it’s a big one, less then a week ago, Mozilla announced that Firefox 4 for desktop’s was available, and if you were wondering, what this means for mobile, well just a few hours ago they also announced it for Mobile too!



Nokia N900

Download: On your mobile, go to: Firefox.com/M

Note: I’m not sure if the N900 one has been properly released, as 1.1 is still the latest one I get on my device, will update once I know more.

Update: version 1.1 is the latest one for Maemo, so same as has been out for a while, hopefully more updates soon as personally I don’t like the browsing experience.


Any Android device with version 2.0 or above, at least 17MB of internal / SD card storage, and 512MB of RAM

Download: Download from the Android Marketplace or on your mobile, go to: Firefox.com/M

Some of the key features include sync tabs which you have open on your PC, Themes to make it your own, add-on’s (more extensive then was available on the N900), and in 10 languages.

Some more features are below, but you can see a full list over at: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/mobile/features/

Streamlined Interface

  • Focus on Web content: Features like tabs, one-touch bookmarking and browser controls that stow away when not in use help users focus on the websites they visit

Browse More, Type Less

  • Awesome Screen: Type less with easy access to history, bookmarks and open tabs
  • Save to PDF: Capture important websites, like directions or a boarding pass, to view offline
  • Share Page: Share websites via apps like email, Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader and more
  • Add Search Engine: Customize your search engine list

Private and Secure Synchronization

  • Firefox Sync: Access Awesome Bar history, bookmarks, open tabs, passwords and form data across multiple computers and mobile devices with secure end-to-end encryption

Most Customizable:

  • Firefox offers thousands of ways for users to customize the features, functionality and look of their mobile Web browser with Firefox Add-ons

Cutting Edge Tools for Web Developers:

  • Firefox improves existing tools like CSS, Canvas and SVG to enable developers to make exciting Web pages
  • HTML5 support in Firefox for Android and Maemo includes Location-Aware Browsing, device orientation, accelerometer, desktop notifications and more
  • The JavaScript engine incorporates the new JägerMonkey JIT compiler, along with enhancements to the existing TraceMonkey JIT and SpiderMonkey’s interpreter for faster page-load speed and better performance of Web apps and games

more screenshots to follow

source: Mozilla News, Mozilla Blog


Pre-order Nokia E7 now

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After many, many, many weeks and months of waiting, Nokia have finally launched the pre-order for the Nokia E7 on several countries including the UK, and in some countries it is available for imediate dispatch, so for availability and prices head over to: http://www.nokia.com/e7

The phone will be available in a choice of 3 colours (some regions may only have 1 or 2 options):

  • Dark Gray
  • Silver White
  • Blue

Images of the device:



Nokia have just updated the Beta version of Nokia Ovi suite to version 3.1 and is available to download now from Beta Labs.

Some of the new features include the ability to send group messages through the Suite and keep track of pending map downloads as well as the usually bug fixes, but you can see a full list below:

What’s new in Nokia Ovi Suite 3.1

  • Updating your phone software and mobile apps takes place more easily. Now, you can update both in one go.
  • Downloading apps, games, and more from Ovi Store is now even simpler. When you choose to download something from Ovi Store through Nokia Ovi Suite, the direct link to the selected item is sent to your phone. You can then go on to download the item using your phone. There’s no need to open a web browser on your desktop anymore.
  • Viewing the results of your latest sync is now possible in the Sync log view. In this view, you can see all the details that were added, updated or deleted and where each of these changes took place.
  • Syncing with Microsoft Outlook has been improved with critical fixes. We’ve put lots of effort into this and we’re looking forward to your feedback on the results.
  • Creating the connection between your device and computer is now more reliable.
  • Sending text messages to groups is now possible. You can create contact groups in the Contacts view and easily send messages to all the members of a specific group in the Messaging view.
  • Playing high-definition videos captured with your phone takes place in a more optimised and smooth way.
  • Keeping track of your map downloads is easy. Click Downloads in the Maps view to view your download queue.

To download go to: http://betalabs.nokia.com/apps/nokia-ovi-suite-beta

Note: As always, anything from the beta lab could be unstable, so please be cautious when using. Also they want your feedback so if something is missing or not working as it should, let them know!


If you thought the previous adverts were enough, you thought wrong, Sony Ericsson has churned out a load more adverts with the help of Kristen Schaal, so check them out below:

Kristen Schaal does battle with Kristen Schaal, using a Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY versus another smartphone. Spoiler alert: Kristen wins

Kristen Schaal uses her Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY to do daily tasks like check email, edit spreadsheets and blow the heads off her mother f&$%#*g enemies.

Hey look, Kristen Schaal’s on YouTube. Hey look, Kristen Schaal’s on YouTube.
Hey look, Kristen Schaal’s on YouTube.

Kristen Schaal does magical things with her Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY, like watch videos of cute wittle kitties AND spray you with a sea of fireballs!

Kristen Schaal marvels at the sheer volume of apps available on the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY. Then she GETS DOWN TO BUSINESS

Have you picked your favourite?!?!?