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Nokia: I #recycling

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In an attempt to promote Nokia’s recycling initiative which has been going on for many many year, they have made a little, video which is quite funny (in my opinion anyway). If you were looking at who stars in this mini movie, you will find some stars you may have even met! Stars (In order […]

Yesterday a few discoveries were made by CJ (over at ZOMGITSCJ) and some other forums regarding “Ovi Browser”. There is speculations as to what this is but could it be a new Web Browser for Nokia mobile phones, or maybe even a new browser for your PC? (personally I hope it’s the former) Last night […]

Steve Jobs tried to hide these videos from the world, but it looks like some employee left a DVD in a coffee shop and we have them for you here! (ok these are not really from Apple, just a couple of hilarious spoofs from ooJLEoo on youtube which you have to check out!) Banned iPhone […]

Epic Android Ad!

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This little video was made by Jon over at TekSeven, and it’s funny so thought it would be a good idea to share it with you all, so enjoy: Jon’s comment about his video: This video project was originally suppose to be called “Android Dance”. It was just suppose to feature me doing dance moves […]

Well in my opinion this should be the fate of all iPhone’s out there, but for your viewing pleasure, here is the iPhone 4 blended: And if you missed it, here are how the other Apple products faired (enjoy your Apple smoothies): iPad iPhone 3G iPhone 2G

This is just a bit of comedy from “Mosspuppet” and according to him, iOS is the only choice you should have and Android is bad! Take a look for your’s funny (and complete rubbish – Nokia Symbian/MeeGo and Android over iOS any day!) Hope you enjoyed that.

Win a Nokia N8


If you want to get in for a chance to win a Nokia N8, just head over to the following page from your Nokia phone and answer a simple question for your chance to win! (Answer at the bottom if you don’t want to work it out) . Note: It will ONLY work from […]

It looks like the Nokia N8 has another trick up it’s sleeves as demonstrated by MichaelxHell, so if you thought for any reason that the Nokia’s running Symbian aren’t mobile computers, I’m sure that this little video will change your mind! What we have here is the Nokia N8 getting connected to 2 separate Bluetooth […]

Over the past few weeks Nokia (via Nokia Conversation) have released a few videos on the N8, I was going to post them individually like a lot of other people have, but then thought that people will want to just watch the whole lot together. The person in the videos is Chris Bennett, who is […]

The latest video from Nokia’s we:recycle team tells us that using navigation can save you money and the environment! Check out the video below: