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Over the last few month’s there has been a lot of speculation over the Nokia X7 an the E6, but it seems now that for a very short period of time, Nokia uploaded video’s of both devices before very quickly making them private! Although small and poor quality, you can catch a quick glimpse from […]

To get off the Nokia topics, which is why I started this blog (if you didn’t know I’m a die hard Nokia fan)… The marketing team at Sony Ericsson have released a couple of video’s to promote their latest device, the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY, which, if you don’t already know, is a cross between […]

Nokia: I #recycling

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In an attempt to promote Nokia’s recycling initiative which has been going on for many many year, they have made a little, video which is quite funny (in my opinion anyway). If you were looking at who stars in this mini movie, you will find some stars you may have even met! Stars (In order […]

Nokia UK have just uploaded a video unboxing for the New Nokia E7, so check out the video below (Full 1080p HD option available) Catch an exclusive closer look at the Nokia E7 smartphone with this new unboxing video. Focusing on all of the handset’s innovative features, it is a QWERTY phone, touch screen phone […]

Angry Birds 3D Spectacular

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Well if you were wondering what my previous post was all about, you can now see that it was a 3D (projection mapping) spectacular from Nokia and Rovio (the people behind Angry Birds). You can see a video of the event below: Nokia and Rovio have combined forces to bring you this world exclusive Angry […]

Nokia N8 Photo Competition


Just a couple of day’s ago, Nokia launched a competition for all Nokia N8 owners to get a photo which they capture on the N8 to be displayed on a grand scale near where you live! So you might just get to be the talk of the town! Have a look below to what Nokia […]

If you had seen my previous post, something BIG is happening at 9PM in Austin Texas according to a little (Angry) Bird…but now it looks like even more then that, at 10PM, you should get ready to Rock and Roll with “a certain rock legend”. Like with the Angry birds event I’m assuming this is […]

A little bird tells me that something is going down on the 12th and 15th of March 2011 in Austin Texas, so keep your eyes and ears peeled. The Event is marked for 9PM, I’m assuming that is local time as as they are GMT-6, that would make it 3AM in the UK on the […]

Awsome Nokia Promo For The N8!


Earlier today, a couple of promo video’s for the Nokia N8 were released/leaked, and I have to admit they are great like most of Nokia’s adverts, now they just need to sort out their management and they can’t loose! Anyway, that’s a story for another day, here are the great video’s: Full promo video: […]