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It looks like Ovi Maps is back on the Nokia Beta Labs with the latest 3.06 update, which brings some great improvements including public transport overlay, and live traffic updates. I just with they made this available before I went to Europe for the weekend, would have loved to give it a real try on […]

Hey, Just a quick one, now that Nokia have released the N8 in the UK, they have also released their own interactive video unboxing of the device, and you get to choose from 3 people to do the unboxing so enjoy! Just before the video, they even gave me a personal greeting from Ryan Interactive […]

Hey all, i’ll keep this short! This is the news you have all been waiting for, the Nokia N8 has finally arrived on the Nokia UK website. The price for the handset is £429.00 and you can get it in either: Black, Silverwhite, Green, Orange or Blue, so get yours now! N8 purchase page:

Yesterday a few discoveries were made by CJ (over at ZOMGITSCJ) and some other forums regarding “Ovi Browser”. There is speculations as to what this is but could it be a new Web Browser for Nokia mobile phones, or maybe even a new browser for your PC? (personally I hope it’s the former) Last night […]

This is just a bit of comedy from “Mosspuppet” and according to him, iOS is the only choice you should have and Android is bad! Take a look for your’s funny (and complete rubbish – Nokia Symbian/MeeGo and Android over iOS any day!) Hope you enjoyed that.

Win a Nokia N8


If you want to get in for a chance to win a Nokia N8, just head over to the following page from your Nokia phone and answer a simple question for your chance to win! (Answer at the bottom if you don’t want to work it out) . Note: It will ONLY work from […]

It looks like the Nokia N8 has another trick up it’s sleeves as demonstrated by MichaelxHell, so if you thought for any reason that the Nokia’s running Symbian aren’t mobile computers, I’m sure that this little video will change your mind! What we have here is the Nokia N8 getting connected to 2 separate Bluetooth […]

Over the past few weeks Nokia (via Nokia Conversation) have released a few videos on the N8, I was going to post them individually like a lot of other people have, but then thought that people will want to just watch the whole lot together. The person in the videos is Chris Bennett, who is […]