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This is just a bit of comedy from “Mosspuppet” and according to him, iOS is the only choice you should have and Android is bad! Take a look for your’s funny (and complete rubbish – Nokia Symbian/MeeGo and Android over iOS any day!) Hope you enjoyed that.

Over the last couple of months, we have all seen the many leaks of what the new iPhone will looks like, some discoveries that the like of engadget made and the stolen (or “found”) prototype iPhone, well now Apple has officially announced what a lot of people have been waiting for, the latest iPhone…the “iPhone […]

So I thought I’d start blogging on The Tek Bloger and kill a few birds with one stone and talk a bit about how iPhone OS, Android and Windows Mobile can work together! Ok this is not actually¬† Apple, Google and Microsoft working together but one guy’s (Steffest Digitale Pulptuur) crazy idea of using the […]