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Just after finding out that o2UK have scrapped tethering charges, I now discover they have also given existing o2 customers, the chance to take out a 12 month contract when they are due for an upgrade, with a phone! I have to assume that the cost of the phone will be higher (or only cheaper […]

O2 in the UK have done it again and shocks us all with a first in the UK by scrapping the charge for tethering, aka using your phone to access internet on your laptop/PC. Up until now, you had to pay a monthly charge on top of your line-rental if you were an iPhone user […]

Yes, that’s right, the Palm Pre Plus and the Palm Pixi Plus will land in the UK very soon and be available for your local o2 store or o2 online from 28th May 2010. The price plan is similar to what the Palm is currently selling for (and cheaper then what the pre sold for […]