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You might have heard some rumours in the last few days about Nokia and Yahoo! joining forces, and now we have the official story! Nokia Ovi and Yahoo! both to provide great services, but you have got to give Yahoo the credit when it comesĀ  to their e-mail, they have done it for years and […]

Just browsing around the web today and decided to check out if anything new is available at the Nokia shop and noticed it all looks a little bit different. The new layout does look better, and they have been careful not to change it too much, which mean navigating around is still as easy as […]

A little while ago the guy’s over at Nokia got together to answer some of out questions about the upcoming Nokia N8 in a live webchat, and just 2 day’s ago they consolidated the questions and answers and posted then on the Nokia Blog in 3 different posts, but to make it even easier, see […]

In the Latest move from Nokia to keep competitive and to improve efficiency, Nokia haveĀ  decided to re-organise it’s business model and this will all be effective from 1st July 2010. The move also means that the Executive Board will be changing as well to accommodate the restructure. To see the full press release, read […]

I’m sure a lot of you have heard about the latest app in the Ovi store, the Own Voice application for Ovi Maps which allows you to make your own voice for use on your Ovi Maps or to share with the world. I decided to share mine with the whole world and if you […]