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Review: Part 1 (Video & Pictures) – Part 2 (Specs & Features) – Part 3 (E71 vs E72) Hey all, Thanks to the people over at WOMWorld/Nokia, I had a Nokia E72 to trial for a couple of weeks. Last week I uploaded an unboxing and quick tour around the phone (see here), and I […]

Nokia E72 Unboxing


Hey all, Thanks to the people over at WOMWorld/Nokia, I’ve had a Nokia E72 to trial and review and I thought I would start with a unboxing so you can see what you get if you buy the device. Please note that this is mostly raw and unedited because I’ve had some issues with my […]

The latest news from Nokia Conversations is that Nokia and Intel have been working soo closely that they decided to move in with each other! Earlier this year we all saw Nokia and Intel announce that they will be working together to bring the world of mobile operating system’s a merger of Meamo (by Nokia) […]

Hey all, sorry for the last of post’s, I’ve had a lot on and have unexpectedly been away for a while, but I’m back now! I’m sure a lot of you also got this e-mail but I just have some thoughts of what it could mean (I’m probably way off the ball!). When I first […]

Yesterday a few discoveries were made by CJ (over at ZOMGITSCJ) and some other forums regarding “Ovi Browser”. There is speculations as to what this is but could it be a new Web Browser for Nokia mobile phones, or maybe even a new browser for your PC? (personally I hope it’s the former) Last night […]

Earlier today I noticed some updates for my N900 and one of them is the the Latest 1.3.4 update for Angry Birds, a game which was released for the N900 not too long ago. This update brings a few changes and additions: Start up menu now includes link to ovi store and the trailer below […]

The latest update for the Nokia X6 has arrived (and not that long after the last one!) in the form on version 21.0.004. The update is available now for those of you with generic X6’s (i.e. unbranded and direct from Nokia), and you can update it both via Nokia Software Updater or direct on the […]

The latest adition to the Nokia N900 app store is “TowerBloxx Delux 3D” which Nokia have previously had on their S40 (i.e. 5310) and S60 (i.e E71) handsets, and now it comes to the N900 (You might have also seen it on the iPhone!). You can find it on the second page of the Games […]

This is just a bit of comedy from “Mosspuppet” and according to him, iOS is the only choice you should have and Android is bad! Take a look for your’s funny (and complete rubbish – Nokia Symbian/MeeGo and Android over iOS any day!) Hope you enjoyed that.

Win a Nokia N8


If you want to get in for a chance to win a Nokia N8, just head over to the following page from your Nokia phone and answer a simple question for your chance to win! (Answer at the bottom if you don’t want to work it out) . Note: It will ONLY work from […]