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A couple of day’s ago, Sony Ericsson released their Q2 results for 2010 and after period of being down in the dumps, it looks like their positive momentum continues from Q1 with a 25% increase of sales revenue from Q1 to Q2. Q2 2009 Q1 2010 Q2 2010 Number of units shipped (million) 13.8 10.5 […]

Earlier today I noticed some updates for my N900 and one of them is the the Latest 1.3.4 update for Angry Birds, a game which was released for the N900 not too long ago. This update brings a few changes and additions: Start up menu now includes link to ovi store and the trailer below […]

Earlier today, Apple had a press conference regarding the antenna issue with the iPhone 4 which they initially claimed was a software issue with “calculating the signal strength”. Well now we have official word from Steve Jobs at Apple and they have decided to offer a choice of free bumpers or cases (so basically cover […]

The latest update for the Nokia X6 has arrived (and not that long after the last one!) in the form on version 21.0.004. The update is available now for those of you with generic X6’s (i.e. unbranded and direct from Nokia), and you can update it both via Nokia Software Updater or direct on the […]

The latest adition to the Nokia N900 app store is “TowerBloxx Delux 3D” which Nokia have previously had on their S40 (i.e. 5310) and S60 (i.e E71) handsets, and now it comes to the N900 (You might have also seen it on the iPhone!). You can find it on the second page of the Games […]

Nintendo 3DS revealed!

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Earlier today at Nintendo’s E3 keynote speach, the latest in their line of DS’s was revealed, the Nintendo 3DS, and before you ask, they have not skipped 2, this DS actually has a 3D screen which does not require any special glasses to view and play in 3D!!! any if you thought that the 3D […]

The latest devices in the Nokia catalogue have been announced as the new Nokia X5 which is a square qwerty slider and in addition to that, Nokia have decided to release a 8GB variant of the popular Nokia X6 which currently comes in the 16GB version or the 32GB comes with music version (I have […]

We all know how things normally work, there first comes the older brother, then the middle brother then the baby brother but it looks like Sony Ericsson has thrown that rule out the windows and decided to throw into the mix, a middle brother to the Sony Ericsson X10 and X10mini which are on the […]

Over the past few weeks Nokia (via Nokia Conversation) have released a few videos on the N8, I was going to post them individually like a lot of other people have, but then thought that people will want to just watch the whole lot together. The person in the videos is Chris Bennett, who is […]

Today sees the launch of a new app from the Nokia Beta Labs which brings all your Notifications into one simple widget similar but improved version of what the Nokia E-series has but now for the Nokia N97 and N97 mini. Although it is currently limited to these handsets, the trial is just a short […]