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Hey all, I have some exciting news, and it’s that 2 games for the N8 are available free in the form of Real Golf 2011 and Galaxy on Fire and by the looks of it they are full versions (but don’t quote me on that!). To get either of these games, just load up Nokia […]

Ok now I have had my rant at Nokia Shop, I can get back to my normal blogging! The people over at Nokia Beta Labs have been working hard on the Nokia Software Updater and have released a next version (3.0.156) of the beta with the following updates: Automatic device SW checker Improved download time […]

Just a couple of days ago, the extras department over at Sony Ericsson announced a brand new device which in a couple of words can only be described as an Android accessory! What this device essentially is, is a over engineered remote control for your phone, but not in a bad way (I don’t say […]

Awsome Nokia Promo For The N8!


Earlier today, a couple of promo video’s for the Nokia N8 were released/leaked, and I have to admit they are great like most of Nokia’s adverts, now they just need to sort out their management and they can’t loose! Anyway, that’s a story for another day, here are the great video’s: Full promo video: […]

Some news has recently emerged about Sony Ericsson’s OS plans on it’s next few phones after Swedish reporter Helen Ahlbom over at interviewed Jan Uddenfeldt, Sony Ericsson’s new chief technology officer. It seems that Jan announced that Sony Ericsson has no plans to launch any devices in the near future running the Symbian OS […]

It looks like Ovi Maps is back on the Nokia Beta Labs with the latest 3.06 update, which brings some great improvements including public transport overlay, and live traffic updates. I just with they made this available before I went to Europe for the weekend, would have loved to give it a real try on […]

Hey all, i’ll keep this short! This is the news you have all been waiting for, the Nokia N8 has finally arrived on the Nokia UK website. The price for the handset is £429.00 and you can get it in either: Black, Silverwhite, Green, Orange or Blue, so get yours now! N8 purchase page:

The latest news from Nokia Conversations is that Nokia and Intel have been working soo closely that they decided to move in with each other! Earlier this year we all saw Nokia and Intel announce that they will be working together to bring the world of mobile operating system’s a merger of Meamo (by Nokia) […]

Hey all, sorry for the last of post’s, I’ve had a lot on and have unexpectedly been away for a while, but I’m back now! I’m sure a lot of you also got this e-mail but I just have some thoughts of what it could mean (I’m probably way off the ball!). When I first […]

Yesterday a few discoveries were made by CJ (over at ZOMGITSCJ) and some other forums regarding “Ovi Browser”. There is speculations as to what this is but could it be a new Web Browser for Nokia mobile phones, or maybe even a new browser for your PC? (personally I hope it’s the former) Last night […]