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Ovi Maps 3D

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Nokia is known for a lot of things hardware wise, but in recent years, their software capabilities have gone from strength to strength. With the acquisition of Navteq, in 2008, Nokia have been able to support and accelerate the development of the software and now 3 years later, they have brought the world a promising […]

Nokia Beta Labs has brought us many applications, and allowed us users to give our honest opinion about the applications but one thing which hadn’t changed much at all for quite a while was the site it’s self, although if I remember right it did get updated in the past year! With this latest update, […]

Nokia have just updated the Beta version of Nokia Ovi suite to version 3.1 and is available to download now from Beta Labs. Some of the new features include the ability to send group messages through the Suite and keep track of pending map downloads as well as the usually bug fixes, but you can […]

The latest creation of the people at Nokia Beta Labs is “Nokia Shoot & Tag” which is a evolution of the Nokia Video Cuts application which was released almost 9 months ago. With this latest creation your video’s will automatically be split into scenes as you are recording when the application detects that the background […]

Ok now I have had my rant at Nokia Shop, I can get back to my normal blogging! The people over at Nokia Beta Labs have been working hard on the Nokia Software Updater and have released a next version (3.0.156) of the beta with the following updates: Automatic device SW checker Improved download time […]