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Earlier today, Blackberry uploaded a new video which is unrealistic but at the same time just highlights that you can share your BlackBerry Messenger Pin with others using a 2D Barcode (a.k.a QR code). Make of it what you will and add your comments below.

If you thought the previous adverts were enough, you thought wrong, Sony Ericsson has churned out a load more adverts with the help of Kristen Schaal, so check them out below: Kristen Schaal does battle with Kristen Schaal, using a Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY versus another smartphone. Spoiler alert: Kristen wins Kristen Schaal uses her […]

Nokia N8 Photo Competition


Just a couple of day’s ago, Nokia launched a competition for all Nokia N8 owners to get a photo which they capture on the N8 to be displayed on a grand scale near where you live! So you might just get to be the talk of the town! Have a look below to what Nokia […]

Awsome Nokia Promo For The N8!


Earlier today, a couple of promo video’s for the Nokia N8 were released/leaked, and I have to admit they are great like most of Nokia’s adverts, now they just need to sort out their management and they can’t loose! Anyway, that’s a story for another day, here are the great video’s: Full promo video: […]

Steve Jobs tried to hide these videos from the world, but it looks like some employee left a DVD in a coffee shop and we have them for you here! (ok these are not really from Apple, just a couple of hilarious spoofs from ooJLEoo on youtube which you have to check out!) Banned iPhone […]

Epic Android Ad!

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This little video was made by Jon over at TekSeven, and it’s funny so thought it would be a good idea to share it with you all, so enjoy: Jon’s comment about his video: This video project was originally suppose to be called “Android Dance”. It was just suppose to feature me doing dance moves […]