Over the last few month’s there has been a lot of speculation over the Nokia X7 an the E6, but it seems now that for a very short period of time, Nokia uploaded video’s of both devices before very quickly making them private!

Although small and poor quality, you can catch a quick glimpse from these thumbnails (sorry I don’t have better at the moment):

Nokia E6 (Snapshot from official video)

Nokia X7 (Snapshot from official video)In my opinion, these do match up to what people expected the device to look like, from the leaked photo’s below, could this be the “announcement” which is due in just a few day’s time?

Some earlier reports about the leaked devices can be found here:


and here:


We will just have to wait and see!


The network (cellular provider) Three UK have uploaded a video of the X7 with the new symbian ^3 OS: