Nokia Beta Labs has brought us many applications, and allowed us users to give our honest opinion about the applications but one thing which hadn’t changed much at all for quite a while was the site it’s self, although if I remember right it did get updated in the past year!

With this latest update, you get a fresh new blue theme, as well as some welcome changes such as, no more “Access denied” page when you try to download but have forgotten to login, now you are presented with a kind and welcoming request to login or register.

Once you have logged in, you are greeted with anything you have download, aka your “trials” on the left, where you can see some basic info and rate the app, and on the right, other things which are compatible with your device(s), if you have added it to our profile. You are presented with 3 easy access option with the suggestion, to either “Learn more”, “Try now” or if you are not interested in it, just click the “No thanks” link and it will show something else, if available.

As well as all this, if you have posted and you get a reply, you will be able to see it from the blue bar at the top so you don’t miss any!

Like with the apps, Nokia Beta Labs wants your feedback, is there something they missed or if you just wanted to say “nice job”, just head over to and check it out!

source: Nokia Beta Labs Blog