The latest creation of the people at Nokia Beta Labs is “Nokia Shoot & Tag” which is a evolution of the Nokia Video Cuts application which was released almost 9 months ago.

With this latest creation your video’s will automatically be split into scenes as you are recording when the application detects that the background has changed, indicating that you have moved to another “scene”. When you have finished recording, you can easily switch from one scene to another which should making skipping to the parts you want to watch or check a lot easier.

I have yet to try the application out myself, but check back later today and I will add what I think of the application.


  • Symbian^3
  • S60 5th

(So the majority of Nokia touch screen phones)


(Don’t forget you need to login to download, and if you are not registered, it just takes a couple of minutes)

Current known issues:

  • Currently 720P video recording is not supported on Nokia N8 due to technical issue.
  • Physical “camera key” is not available inside Shoot&Tag because it is reserved for system camera application.

The official blurb from the Beta Labs team:

Nokia Shoot & Tag is a clever video application developed by Nokia Research Center, Beijing that automatically creates scene chapters in your video while recording. This innovative tagging technology was created to provide a convenient playback experience when viewing videos.

Simply press record and Nokia Shoot & Tag will automatically “tag” key scenes in your video, allowing a more convenient video playback experience. Instead of fast forwarding through your video for that perfect moment, the tags act as chapters that you can click on, which take you directly to your desired spot.

Try it out, and tell us you opinions below and on the Beta Labs page.

Source: Nokia Beta Labs