A couple of day’s ago you might have seen the latest update to the Ovi store (2.06.00042), you might have seen the post by Jay over at MyNokiaBlog, which spoke of it being much faster and also have some UI tweeks, but one of the things I noticed, and wasn’t sure if it was new or had always been there is the option for Operator billing which makes life a lot easier for you if you don’t have access to, or prefer not to use credit/debit cards.

Today I got an e-mail from Nokia which confirmed what I thought was the case, and this is a new feature they have released, in the UK at least, allowing you to pay through your phone bill if you are on any of the following UK networks:

  • O2
  • Vodafone
  • Orange
  • T-Mobile
  • 3 (Three)

A fuller list of updates include:

  • Many more games
  • Many more apps
  • Operator billing (depending on region)
  • Easier to find things thanks to “more relevant search results” and recommendations
    From the above, you can see things which might also be of interest to you, not just exact search results, so you can find more! But the exact results do show up on the top of the list, so you won’t be scrolling through a load of other things to find what you wanted.
  • Smoother and quicker
  • UI tweaks
  • Updated account management options
  • Other bug fixes

Source: E-mail from Nokia