We have some great news, only 1 month after Nokia released Ovi suite 3.0 Beta via the Nokia Beta Labs, they have officially released the full version for everyone to enjoy in the form of version

To get the Latest update, either download it manually over at the Ovi website: http://www.comms.ovi.com/m/p/ovi/suite/index_en_uk.html


If you have an older version, just select the Software updates option from the Tools menu.


  • Get started in almost no time: have the installation take place more quickly and simply
  • Create the connection between your phone and computer and sync your content with added reliability
  • Get quick access to both your own content and recommendations of new music, apps, games, and more from the Home view
  • Explore and enjoy the millions of music tracks available on Ovi and download the best picks directly to your computer
  • Save in data transfer costs – download free street maps and voice guidance files for your phone
  • Have the application use language that is closer to normal, every-day speech
  • Enjoy your photos and videos in a splendid full-screen view
  • Export your text messages for storing and viewing on your computer