Review: Part 1 (Video & Pictures)Part 2 (Specs & Features)Part 3 (E71 vs E72)

Hey all,

Thanks to the people over at WOMWorld/Nokia, I had a Nokia E72 to trial for a couple of weeks.

Last week I uploaded an unboxing and quick tour around the phone (see here), and I now have a much more thorough review of the phone uploaded, and ready for your viewing pleasure!

I hope you found that useful!

The E72 is a really nice device, and they have tweaked the external and internal parts of the phone exactly in the right ways from it’s predecessor, the E71, which is why Nokia will always be the biggest mobile phone manufacturer in the world!


  • 2.36inch (20 x 240 pixels) screen in landscape orientation
  • Light sensor in the top right
  • Front facing camera (640 x 480 pixels, up to 15 fps)
  • Full QWERTY keyboard and 4 customisable option keys
  • Five-way scroll key with an optical trackpad (or as Nokia call it: Intuitive Optical Navi Key) and breathing notification light
  • Earpeice
  • Microphone

Nokia E72 - Front


  • Loudspeaker
  • 5 megapixel camera (2592 x 1944 pixels) with autofocus
  • Single LED flash (Can be used as a torch)
  • Back cover!

Nokia E72 - Back

Top & Bottom

The top of the device has:

  • Power button (metallic finish in line with the rest of the device)
  • 3.5 mm audio connector (Improvement on the 2.5mm found on the E71)

And at the bottom you can find:

  • 2mm charger connector
  • Lanyard loop (in the bottom corner)

Nokia E72 - Top & Bottom

Left & Right

On the left you will see:

  • Micro USB connector (data and charging)
  • MicroSD memory card slot (comes with 4GB, nokia state it can cope with upto 16GB but i’m sure if you could afford one, a 64GB card would work fine)
  • Lanyard loop (in the bottom corner)

And on the right:

  • Volume up and down buttons
  • Mute/voice activation button

Nokia E72 - Sides

Nokia E72 - Top Left (In Case)

Nokia E72 - Bottom Left (In Case)

Continued in part 2

Review: Part 1 (Video & Pictures)Part 2 (Specs & Features)Part 3 (E71 vs E72)