Hey all, sorry for the last of post’s, I’ve had a lot on and have unexpectedly been away for a while, but I’m back now!

I’m sure a lot of you also got this e-mail but I just have some thoughts of what it could mean (I’m probably way off the ball!).

When I first read it I thought they were announcing Nokia’s Comes With Music service to become DRM-free but after reading again, I think it’s just the Nokia Music brand being changed to Ovi music which makes sense as Nokia Music is a service and Ovi is Nokia’s service hub so as with the maps, e-mail, and everything else, it makes sense to put it all there.

We will have to wait and see in a few day’s what is actually the case…I hope they do make the comes with music free because that will mean we can all start getting loads of free mp3’s in much better quality.