Yesterday a few discoveries were made by CJ (over at ZOMGITSCJ) and some other forums regarding “Ovi Browser”. There is speculations as to what this is but could it be a new Web Browser for Nokia mobile phones, or maybe even a new browser for your PC? (personally I hope it’s the former)

Last night I got thinking, could all this have to do with something which has been going on, on the Ovi Blog? The following posts were put up over the last month, could it be related?

I may be way off and we might have 2 new things, but the timing is too close to be a coincidence in my mind!


Ovi: (Currently password protected so no access yet!)

Nokia Beta Labs: (Get denied access to this page on my normal login)


Ovi Blog Posts

9th July 2010:

For the past few months, the Ovi Blog has been changing — we’ve met people on the Ovi team, had more fun, and learned more about daring feats around the world.

But on July 30, we’ll be sharing something completely new. On that Friday, we’ll introduce you to this man – why he’s so confident, and why he’s going to snap?

16th July 2010:

On July 30, be the first to find out, only on the Ovi Blog.

As mentioned last week, we’re introducing something brand new – and you don’t want to miss it…. ;)