It looks like the Nokia N8 has another trick up it’s sleeves as demonstrated by MichaelxHell, so if you thought for any reason that the Nokia’s running Symbian aren’t mobile computers, I’m sure that this little video will change your mind!

What we have here is the Nokia N8 getting connected to 2 separate Bluetooth devices, one is a Bluetooth keyboard, and the other a Bluetooth mouse, and what you get is a phone which is fully controllable by both including the scroll wheel on the mouse!!! Now can the iPad do this?

When you connect the mouse, you get a small Mouse Pointer on the screen which acts like your finger and allows the following:

  • Navigate through phone: Move the mouse as normal
  • Select: Left click
  • Home: Right click
  • Scroll through home screens and menu’s: Use the scroll wheel

So now when you want to browse the internet or play a game from the comfort of your softa, just connect these 2 up, connect the phone to your TV via the HDMI out or the standard video-out if you don’t have HDMI, and sit back on your couch and turn your TV into a PC! and don’t forget the N8 has USB to go and plays DivX which means you can connect your usb stick or usb hard drive to the phone and play the movies from that onto your TV as well!

If this is not a reason to love Nokia, what is!

Source: Fonearena