We all know how things normally work, there first comes the older brother, then the middle brother then the baby brother but it looks like Sony Ericsson has thrown that rule out the windows and decided to throw into the mix, a middle brother to the Sony Ericsson X10 and X10mini which are on the market.

The new device was codenamed “Shakira”, and after weeks of rumours of what it might be, images have now appeared which claim to be the Sony Ericsson X8, which is bigger then the latest X10 mini but not as big as the X10 which would look like a device for the average user rather then more of a niche with the X10.

The OS will still be Android by the looks of it (wouldn’t make sense to have any other OS!), let’s hope that the reduced screen size will be less of a drain on the phone compared to the X10 (quoted from a friend of mine “if you try using the phone while it is on change, it used more battery power then it can charge the X10!”)