The latest devices in the Nokia catalogue have been announced as the new Nokia X5 which is a square qwerty slider and in addition to that, Nokia have decided to release a 8GB variant of the popular Nokia X6 which currently comes in the 16GB version or the 32GB comes with music version (I have one of these, it is a nice phone!). Nokia have done this to be able to reach a much greater percentage of the market buy targeting different versions of the same device at different prices but at the same time, the functionality of all the X6 devices is the same only the size of storage is changing which means it is thought to go for about £220 GBP (inc vat but before network discounts, etc). Maybe we will see this as a more Pay-as-you-go available device!

Onto the X5, which is a strange looking device if I don’t say so myself! The phone was announced at Nokia Conversations (Singapore) and looks to come in Pink, Blue, Purple and Yellow for the truly expressive people, but some nice little features like shake to check messages and rotating the device appears to change track, dedicated music keys and much more.