Over the past few weeks Nokia (via Nokia Conversation) have released a few videos on the N8, I was going to post them individually like a lot of other people have, but then thought that people will want to just watch the whole lot together.

The person in the videos is Chris Bennett, who is a Senior Product Manager and he gives a quick walkthrough/overview of the phone including some nice features including the great video editor, 12MP camera, Ovi Maps, and more.

So I won’t bore you any more, here are the videos for your viewing pleasure:

Note: the software on the N8 demo’s is still pre-production so there might be a couple of minor lags, etc. which I’m sure will be gone by the proper release!…on that note the phone looks pre-production as well seeing that it still has C0 written on it instead of N8 like some of the other ones jotted around.
Part 1 of 3
Topics: Home Screens, Multi-Tasking, SMS, Keyboard (Virtual), Wifi, E-Mail, Ovi Maps, Flash

Part 2 of 3
Topics:Photo/Video Browser, Photo/Video Editor, Camera, Storage, USB To Go

Part 3 of 3
Topics: Music Player, HDMI out, Bluetooth Control