Today sees the launch of a new app from the Nokia Beta Labs which brings all your Notifications into one simple widget similar but improved version of what the Nokia E-series has but now for the Nokia N97 and N97 mini. Although it is currently limited to these handsets, the trial is just a short one, which to me, means that Nokia plan to make this a proper application quick and is close to being ready (i.e. hopefully this is added to the main OS in Symbian^3…or already is!)

Screenshot of Nokia Notifications

Official statement from Sanna over at Nokia Beta Labs:

Today we are releasing a new beta for a short trial.  Nokia Notifications gathers missed calls, voicemails, messages, and missed calendar alarms and presents them in one list for you to manage at your convenience. Adding the widget to your homescreen removes the need to acknowledge individual notifications that may otherwise get in the way of doing other actions on your device.

The background of Nokia Notifications comes from Nokia E-series devices, and their much liked way of showing notifications at the bottom of the screen. The Nokia Notifications widget is a new, improved version for the Nokia N97 and Nokia N97 mini.

During this short beta trial, we are hoping to catch any remaining bugs before publishing at Ovi Store. We welcome any feedback you have, but keep in mind that only the most critical items will be addressed.

Happy using!

On behalf of the Nokia Notifications team,


To get the application for your N97 or N97 mini head over to the Nokia Beta Labs (you need to be logged in to download):