Over the last couple of months, we have all seen the many leaks of what the new iPhone will looks like, some discoveries that the like of engadget made and the stolen (or “found”) prototype iPhone, well now Apple has officially announced what a lot of people have been waiting for, the latest iPhone…the “iPhone 4”. and before you ask, no it’s not the iPhone 4G, because it is not capable of connecting on the latest 4G networks (where you can find one!)

You may have notice that I purposely did not say the latest and greatest iPhone, and that’s because, personally I still prefer Nokia’s regardless of what everyone say’s about them! Simply put with the impending launch of the Nokia N8 and the N9, or what ever the first Nokia MeeGo phone will be, we should hopefully start to see Nokia really showing us what they are made of!

Anyway back to the the iPhone 4, this device brings us a long list of new features which include:

  • Rear Camera
    • 5MP camera
    • Single LED flash
    • 5X digital zoom
    • HD video recording at 720p (30fps)
  • Front facing camera (for video calling – Apple call it FaceTime)
    • FAIL: This only works if both people have the iPhone 4 and you are using it over Wifi, which is useless! Common Apple!
  • 2 mics (for noise cancelling)
  • 960 x 640 Resolution (same 3.5″ screen size)
  • A4 processor (same as iPad)
  • Multitasking
  • 25% thinner then iPhone 3GS at only 9.3mm (very impressive!)
  • Bigger Battery:
    • 7h talktime (3G)
    • 6h browsing (3G)
    • 10h browsing (WiFi – this is now Wireless N [802.11n] )
    • 10h video playback
    • 40h music playback
    • 300h standby

Enjoy the gallery below: