If you are like me, and own an N900, go to use the camera but forget to close it, just to discover later that it’s open and full of dust a, I’v got a great little app for you (humm…sounds like I’m making a commercial!).

Well what we have here is an app by Nicolai Hess called “Lens Cover Reminder”.

Simple put, it does what it say’s on the tin, when ever you open the lens cover on your N900, it will show a small icon in the status bar at the top, and as soon as you close it, it will disappear:

Lens Cover Opened

Lens Cover Closed

As well as this, you get an added extra warning if you leave it open, in the form of 2 vibrations when ever you lock the phone via the slide lock switch on the side of the device.

The application is currently only available in the extra’s development catalogue (settings here) so I cannot guarantee it’s stability but for me it seems to be working fine!

p.s. if you don’t know already you can also use your camera LED’s as a powerful torch using the the Flashlight app in the standard Extras catalogue (aka Maemo.org catalogue)