Well I hope you are ready all you N900 users in the UK, it looks like our dreams have been answered…after years of nagging Nokia to release firmware quicker in the UK (at least for the OTA one), it looks like it will happen first with the N900 today (May 25th), everyone else will have to wait until tomorrow (May 26th) – if you are impatient though you can download via the Maemo flasher tool and that is available for everyone!

New games in the Ovi store (officially with appear on May 27th after Ovi store update):

  • Jurassic 3D Rollercoaster
  • Zen-bound
  • Angry Birds (level pack)
  • Sygic
  • Kroll
  • Weatherbug
  • GoGadget

Some of the games previously showcased by Nokia Conversations:

OS Improvements and new features

  • Email – accept or decline an event invitation in your inbox
  • Facebook IM chat
  • Video calling
  • Portrait browsing
  • Ovi Maps UI (still looks like no voice navigation…but we’ll see!)
  • Customizable menu (if I remember right, the “more” icon no longer exists, and everything is in the primary menu which is nice!)
  • Search now available in the application manager

MeeGo Support

There is also some bad news guy’s, it looks like MeeGo will not “officially” be released for the N900, but Nokia will continue to provide updates for Maemo like this one.

V10.2010.19-1 in action