A little while ago the guy’s over at Nokia got together to answer some of out questions about the upcoming Nokia N8 in a live webchat, and just 2 day’s ago they consolidated the questions and answers and posted then on the Nokia Blog in 3 different posts, but to make it even easier, see below for all the Q&A’s:

The Prodigal Fool: Can you tell us how the virtual keyboard works in Symbian 3? Does it look like the one we’re used to from Symbian 1?

Nokia: The virtual keyboard layout has changed for some parts and we have predictive/corrective text input there as well. The capacitive keyboard is also a step forward in usability. We’ve received encouraging results in user tests.

Thenokiablog: Can we change photo and video capture size? For example change video to smaller 640×480 resolution but faster 30 fps?

Nokia: Yes, the user can change the image & video quality. There are three of those:
720p 25fps
VGA 30fps,
QCIF 15fps for Multimedia message use.

For example 640×480 @ 30fps is available.

JayMontano: Why was the decision made to have the screws visible?

Nokia: These are always a combination of decisions based on design and mechanics.

Dan @WorldOfNokia: I have a question about the camera. Was there a specific reason the lens cover was left out on the N8 when it was on a lot of previous camera phones. This would help prevent scratching.

Nokia: There are many contributing factors here:
1. The availability of new highly scratch resistant materials to protect the lens.
2. The ease of cleaning the camera cover Vs. deep set designs.
3. The increase in size of the raised camera area.
But most importantly:
4. The evolution in applications which make use of the camera e.g. Facebook applications as well as augmented reality applications. Removing the cover means these emerging applications, as well as existing applications, are more seamless in their usage flow.

Charll: What is the real size of sensor? Is it 1/3 inch class or different?

Nokia: It’s 1/1.83″

Envutec: For how many years do you think the battery can last?

Nokia: It is hard to say exactly. How long battery lasts depends on many variables, for example, how often you charge the battery and if you’re using it in a hot environment.

You can prolong the battery life by using the device until the battery is empty and then recharging that to full.

Other ways for you to save energy and battery life are:

– Using the conveniently located ‘lock’ key as often as possible; this shuts down the device display immediately saving energy.
– Activating the power saving profile; this optimizes the functionality and energy consumption for prolonged battery life.
– Adjust the backlighting brightness to change the update interval for e-mail and the browser
– Switch off applications when they’re not needed,
– Switch off W-LAN and Bluetooth when not being used.

Vinitneo: Why didn’t you put 32 GB mass memory like N97 and N900?

Nokia: These are always product specific decisions. The Nokia N8 has 16GB of in-built mass memory, expandable up to 48GB with a Micro SD card. Device user memory (C:) available is approximately 145MB.

The Nokia N8 has 256MB RAM, improved with dynamic data management. All this results in improved user experience compared to earlier devices.

Atul: How does the N8 support Green Environment commitment?

Nokia: We think that every device should be made with environment in mind, because it makes a real difference to the environment and gives a greater variety of environmentally friendly phones for people to choose from. Our approach and strategy is that we continuously improve the environmental sustainability of all our products.

Tobypaw: Will it be possible to attach a USB-Stick to the N8?

Nokia: With the Nokia N8, you can move large files conveniently with USB on-the-go to memory stick or compatible hard drive and further to PC, ready to upload into video sharing web services.

If the hard drive needs more than 200mAh power, it needs to have an external power supply.

Thaijoni: Will the N8 be totally lag free?

Nokia: Performance is one of our design drivers and Symbian^3 with neat hardware engine is a key contributor to that.

Sheridan01: Is the N8 upgradeable to Symbian 4?

Nokia: We have not announced any such plans.

smashpOp: What’s the lowest aperture on N8 camera?

Nokia: It is fixed at f/2.8. Instead of using the variable aperture from the Nokia N86 we used this space for increasing the size of the optics to improve both video and still images. The new sensor is more sensitive than that used in the Nokia N86 – so even though the aperture is smaller in the Nokia N8, it’s low light ability without flash will be equal to or better in the final product.

Of course, the Xenon flash provides superior images in the case of ‘flash’ shots. There is an ND filter which is used in bright light to prevent any overexposure. Also, we retained the mechanical shutter to prevent motion distortion effects in still images.

Aditya Singhvi: Just wanted to know if the N8 employs a mono speaker or stereo?

Nokia: There is a boosted D-class mono speaker for hands free. It means there’s a better audio quality and volume even with a single speaker.

Endri: Is the screen the same as on the X6?

Nokia: No. The Nokia N8 has a bright 3.5″ AMOLED screen with 16M colours. The resolution is 640×360. The Nokia N8 has a capacitive touch display that brings gestures such as pinch-to-zoom to applications like Photos and Browser.

byePhone: Do you think the N8 would be better served by an OS dedicated to only the N8?

Nokia: The Nokia N8 is the first product with Symbian^3, which offers great improvements in simplification and UX. Creativity will take a leap also thanks to the new QT application development environment. This means developers are getting new tools to bring their innovation on top of Symbian^3 and many other platforms.

Atul: Have you compared the features of N8 with other phones?

Nokia: We believe it is a great device for people who want to create amazing content, connect to their favourite social networks and be entertained with the latest Web TV programs and Ovi Store apps.

The Nokia N8 offers excellent imaging capabilities. In addition to a 12MP Carl Zeiss optics, a Xenon flash and a large sensor, the Nokia N8 introduces the ability to make HD-quality videos and edit them with an intuitive built-in editing suite.

Atul: Is it password protected when trying to unlock it ?

Nokia: You can set-up device lock password to protect the device.

Brentrobinson: Is this actually a pentaband handset? Or will there be country specific band variants?

Nokia: Yes, Nokia N8 is a pentaband WCDMA device, 850/900/1700/1900/2100.

Atul: Does it come with stereo headphones with dolby effect ?

Nokia: No.

Fihu: As a camera centric phone, will N8 offer some “artsy” filters or picture post-processing beyond contrast/luminance/sharpness or cliparts?

Nokia: There is a new editing application which provides far greater control than before.

Norman: How about the focus during video capture? Is it initial focus or does it focus continuously?

Nokia: We use a new Active hyper focal distance system for video. This provides highly detailed videos from around 60cm to infinity. We chose this system because the Nokia N8 offers excellent imaging capabilities. In addition to a 12MP Carl Zeiss optics, a Xenon flash and a large sensor, the Nokia N8 introduces the ability to make HD-quality videos and edit them with an intuitive built-in editing suite.

R3van DarkStar: Are there any improvements in the web browser? Any new functions?

Nokia: There is easy zooming with gestures, integrated web search, and Flash 10 compatibility on web videos.

Mobiwan: Can you replace/remove the battery of the N8?

Nokia: We do not recommend you trying to replace the battery. It can easily be replaced at a Nokia service center.

Joarka: Is the battery Li-po or Li-ion

Nokia: Li-ion.

Brentrobinson: Will there be a conversation type flow within text/email?

Nokia: There is threaded text message functionality.

Yasser: How many Apps does OVi Store have for Symbian ^3?

Nokia: We are not disclosing any numbers but we wanted to provide developers with an opportunity to start innovating in this field as early as possible.

We have also started Ovi App Wizard, a free on-line publishing tool to help anyone including publishers, bloggers and consumers rapidly mobilize their content or brand. Using Ovi App Wizard, publishers can easily create content, and distribute to millions through Ovi Store. No programming skills are required.

Apurv: Does the N8 come with Nokia Comes With Music?

Nokia: This offering will be available in selected markets.

Jade Bryan: Is there a list of specific countries that can get a SU-36 on the package??

Nokia: It is targeted for selected Chinese speaking markets.

byePhone: Any plans to release an Android N8?

Nokia: We have three core software platforms – MeeGo, Symbian and Series 40. These three platforms give us the scope and breadth we need to address the majority of our key market segments.

Rene: Is there multiple calendar support?

Nokia: Yes.

Rajasekaran: When will this phone available in India?

Nokia: We have not announced this just yet, but you’ll know soon.

Atul: What features does the N8 have that other mobiles do not?

The Nokia N8 is our latest smartphone to date that intuitively connects to the people, places and services that matter most and we believe it is a great device for people who want to create amazing content. No programming skills are required to use it.

Atul: Can non-Nseries be updated to S^3?

Nokia: We are not supporting a commercial upgrade path for older Nokia Symbian-based devices at this time. However, given that S^3 is built from the input of a vibrant, open-source community, it’s quite possible that enthusiasts may choose to create their own, innovative ways to do this.