If you are in the states and an itching to know when you can get your hands on the latest palm pre plus, the wait will be over soon.

Yesterday (about 8PM GMT / 3PM EDT) Palm posted a comment on their Facebook page:

Hey fans, device news coming your way! Palm Pre Plus hits retail
stores and online starting 5/16 for $149.99 after contract and mail-in rebate.
Also, for a limited time in AT&T retail stores only, customers who purchase
a Palm Pre Plus will get a free Palm Touchstone Charging Dock. Additional
details coming closer to 5/16, stay tuned!

So to get the Palm Pre Plus, you will be paying over $149.99 because it’s only that price after mail-in rebate, but you get a touchstone thrown in, which personally I think should just be in the retail packaging (o2 UK have just been giving the touchstones away will any palm pree purchase for a long time, and if I remeber right they still do!).

Now for the wait over here in the UK to see if it takes another year for the device to materialize! I think that if palm leave it more then 2 months in the UK, the sales will so the same as the current one, and just sit in the stock rooms of o2 stores and warehouses gathering dust (I’ve worked for o2 UK and seen the Palm Pre’s sit there for a very long time – I personally sold one to a developer who quickly bought it back only a couple of days later and switched to an iPhone!)

From looking at the side by side comparison of the palm pre and palm pre plus, these are the main differences that I can see on GSM Arena (there are probably more!):

  • Double the storage (from 8GB to 16GB)
  • Double the RAM (from 256MB to 512MB)
  • Video Recording (the pre has recently had this added via a software update
  • Updated OS (1.3.5)
  • Minor changes in appearance
  • Minor weight increase (from 133g to 138g)
  • Multi-touch input method
  • Bluetooth possibly enabled for file transfer (this may not be the case)