Earlier in April, Sony Ericsson launched their “Ambassador” Programme which was aimed to educate retail stores about Sony Ericsson products such as the X10, and so far they have gone to: Northampton, Cardiff, Manchester, Edinburgh and London

The program involves a team of guys and gals going round in a huge bus, going into retail stores and showing them the X10 and other devices, informing them how things work and trying to get them to really understand the products.

This programme coincides with the Insider website which currently provides opportunities for staff at retail stores to learn about the latest products, and by passing a quick quiz you can be in the chance to win many different prizes. If you work in repair, you can sign up here: http://www.sonyericsson-campaigns.com/experttraining/default.aspx

The marketing manager for Sony Ericsson, Simon Gilbert said:

We want store staff to understand our products a little bit more and wanted to bring them to an exclusive band of store staff with the aim of making them Sony Ericsson ambassadors.

So keep an eye out for the “Insider on Tour” bus heading your way!